Our volunteers help make our program possible

How to get involved:

– Head Coach
– Assistant Coach
– Team Manager
– Parent Coach U6/U8

To register as a volunteer, log in to your sports connect account.  In your dashboard click on volunteer.  From there find the appropriate volunteer position you would like to sign up for.

 In order to volunteer you must submit to a background check on sports connect and complete safesport and concussion training. See links below.

Safesport Training: https://safesporttrained.org/?KeyName=tsVWe36Xa6PS3b5NzOug
Log in or create an account. If this is the first time taking safesport training, you will need to complete the Safesport trained core course (90 min). If you have completed in the past you will need to take the refresher course (30 min). 

Concussion training:  https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html
Select the concussion training for coaches. Log in or create an account to complete the training (30 min)  

Both certifications need to be uploaded into your sports connect account on your volunteer dashboard upon completion. If you have any questions please contact Erica Comte coach@telluridesoccer.com 

As a coach, if you would like to increase your coaching knowledge through online education or obtain your coaching license please reach out to Erica.